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The perfect solution for day-trippers is here—disposable delta-8 hemp THC vapes! Even easier than pre-filled oil cartridges, disposable THC vapes require no charging or maintenance. Pre-filled with delta-8 hemp THC, a chiller version of delta-9, they’re ideal for daytime use and special occasions.

Have a camping trip planned? Pack a disposable vape—it’s not a big deal if you lose it on the river, but you’ll be glad you had it for the time you did! Because of their affordability and portability, they’re perfect for any trip (especially if you’re an anxious flyer).

If you only like to enjoy cannabis occasionally, disposable vapes are a convenient alternative to investing in a battery and oil cartridges. Pick one up when you need a chill movie night for one or have a fun night out planned.

Plus, disposable vapes don’t produce pungent smoke that lingers after you take a hit. Dorm-dwellers and those pretending to follow house rules would be wise to try these instead!

With all this being said, delta-8 hemp disposable vapes are great for anyone looking for discretion in their cannabis products and want something a little bit mellow for daytime use. Plus, if you’re new to delta-8 hemp THC, it’s a great place to start!

If you need a suggestion, we recommend our TRU Delta8 hemp disposable vapes. Each has one gram of a yummy custom terpene blend. Plus, they’re light and sleek, making them super portable and discreet for the everyday user.

As they should, TRU disposables require no maintenance or refilling. Simply puff to activate your device and enjoy! After your disposable vape runs out of juice, you can toss it and buy another when the mood strikes.

Pick from Gelato, Super Lemon Haze or Fire OG disposable vapes to instantly mellow out any occasion!

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