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With the stigma against cannabis ever fading, new trends keep popping up everywhere. We saw it with CBD, and now we’ve all discovered the awesomeness that is delta-8 hemp THC. Different from its neighboring compound, delta-9 THC (your typical THC), delta-8 provides a smoother experience with less of the unwanted side effects.

These benefits have convinced many with chronic conditions to try delta-8 instead of the anxiety-inducing regular THC. But the question is: how? Where can I find it?

Can I get delta-8 in any state?

Delta-8 is federally legal, but some states have overridden that law and deemed it illegal. As of right now, you need a medical card to purchase delta-8 if you live in Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Rhode Island, or Utah. Sorry, y’all.

How can I purchase delta-8?

If you’re not a resident of one of the above states, you can purchase delta-8 without a medical card anywhere that sells it. Many smoke shops, vape shops, and gas stations are adding it to their lineup alongside CBD. That’s because in 2018, it was determined that hemp-derived products were legal, while anything from cannabis sativa plant was not. Even if the hemp product contained less than 0.3% delta-9 THC, it could be legally consumed and distributed.

The DEA still lists tetrahydrocannabinols (any THC compound), except for tetrahydrocannabinols sourced from hemp, as controlled substances. Additionally, it still states that if the percentage of delta-9 in the product is lower than 0.03, it’s federally legal. Discussion around delta-8’s legality is still ongoing, but we still have it for now.

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