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If you find yourself blasting off to the moon (when you’d rather stay on Earth) after one hit of typical cannabis, you’re not alone. Studies suggest that THC today is at least 8% stronger on average than it was just over two decades ago. Your father was right after all— it isn’t what it used to be. Especially for the inexperienced user simply looking for a natural remedy for pain or sleep issues, it can just be far too much. How can you really enjoy the therapeutic benefits of cannabis when you just seem to get more anxious and uncomfortable? 

Enter delta-8 THC, a slightly different compound than the more common delta-9 THC. It’s found naturally in both hemp and cannabis, where delta-9 mostly occurs just in cannabis. It provides similar physical effects to delta-9 like pain relief, increased appetite and improved sleep. But unlike delta-9, delta-8’s psychoactive properties are much less. This makes it the perfect happy medium for those looking for something stronger than CBD, but don’t enjoy the unwanted side effects that come with a strong “high.” 

Delta-8 may be considered “weed light,” but it still provides that sense of euphoria and relaxation that comes with THC. This is because it interacts with the same receptors in our bodies that delta-9 does—just in a slightly different way. Delta-8 has a lower affinity for our CB1 receptors than delta-9, which could be why the psychoactive effects specifically are milder. Plus, delta-8 is a more stable compound than delta-9, which could also explain the difference. 

With delta-8’s slighter effect on our CB1 receptors, users are able to experience that happy and high feeling while remaining clear-headed, focused and productive. For those looking for a natural remedy for pain, insomnia, anxiety and more, delta-8 can be a much more enjoyable experience than delta-9. 

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