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We’re heading into vacation time, and with that comes both excitement and stress. Delta-8 hemp THC is the perfect way to chill out before and during your trip since it provides milder effects than delta-9 THC, while still getting you high. Especially if you’re traveling with kiddos or in-laws, a little something to take the edge off is a must.

Delta-8 has different legal restrictions than delta-9, so the question is: can I travel with delta-8? It’d be a shame to be without a buzz on your precious time off. Luckily, you can travel with delta-8 just like with CBD. TSA restrictions state that any cannabis products must be less than 0.3% delta-9 THC, which delta-8 accommodates.

If you’re a little nervous about packing your delta-8 up before a flight even though they can pass through security, we get it. Cannabis has not been legal for very long—we’re not used to all this freedom! Here are our tips for traveling with delta-8 THC.

1. Pack cartridges or edibles instead of flower.

Delta-8 is still a hemp/cannabis product—it smells like weed! Instead of packing your delta-8 hemp flower and a bowl/rolling papers, bring a slim battery and one or two delta-8 pre-filled cartridges. It’s much more discreet, you can take a hit anywhere, and no one will know you have any substances at all in your bag.

2. Disconnect cartridges from the battery and power it down.

If your battery is on when you throw it in your carry-on or checked bag, there’s a possibility of the button being pressed down by something else in your luggage. Make sure to power everything down before packing it up so you don’t run your battery all the way down by accident. Additionally, disconnect your cartridge from the battery so no oil oozes out during travel.

3. Keep your delta-8 products in your carry-on.

It’s easiest to travel with delta-8 by just throwing them in your carry-on. This way you have peace of mind that they’re right there for you as soon as you land. Plus, if you’re still a little paranoid about traveling with a cannabis product, you don’t have to worry about TSA inspecting your checked bag and finding it.

4. Pack a back-up battery or edibles in case your battery dies.

The last thing you want on your vacation is to be without the delta-8 you packed up. To avoid this, make sure to pack all your battery chargers and even an extra battery just in case yours decides to stop working or charging.

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