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Delta-8 Hemp THC is an alternative to the sometimes too intense delta-9 THC products on the market today. The beauty of having a “light” version of typical THC is that you can use it to chill out any time of day, no matter where you are. You wouldn’t want to take a regular edible before an afternoon meeting, but a delta-8 gummy? Go for it! Here are our favorite ways to medicate with delta-8 whether it’s 9 a.m. or 9 p.m.


Grab your favorite delta-8 hemp tincture and put a couple drops in your morning tea. You won’t be too high or out of it, but you’ll be totally relaxed through all the morning traffic jams. You’ll be chilled out and ready to start your day on a good note.


Gummies are the best way to take your delta-8 on the go, making it a good option for daytime use. They’re discreet, simple and delicious!

If you need a post-lunch pick-me-up, pop a delta-8 hemp gummy instead of filling up your coffee cup for the third time. You won’t get the jitters with delta-8, but a calm yet energized feeling. No need to worry about fighting sleep during your next meeting.


When you’re ready to switch gears and get into bedtime mode, take a few hits of your delta-8 cartridge. Feel free to up the dosage—you’re in for the night! Get all the relaxing effects without experiencing paranoia, anxiety or racing thoughts like typical THC can trigger.

Having a variety of ways to medicate with delta-8 makes it a convenient way to ease bodily pain or anxiety any time of day. Check out our TRU Delta-8 tinctures, gummies and cartridges.

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