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Delta-8 THC is a natural remedy for pain, anxiety and more—without the side effects delta-9 THC usually brings. That combined with the fact that it’s as legal as CBD has made the popularity of delta-8 explode, seemingly overnight. Companies everywhere began looking for ways to meet this demand and incorporate it into their product lineup. But with this came low-quality delta-8 products entering the market with ease.

Unfortunately, we can’t always trust a product’s marketing, but we can be vigilant about doing our own research. The quickest way to establish a product’s quality is locating its test results. They’re available to everyone, and shouldn’t take much digging. This way you can confidently verify your product and truly enjoy your delta-8.

Companies aren’t required to provide lab results from an independent testing facility. But if they don’t, that’s a red flag already to move on. If they have completed third party testing, the results will be available on the company’s website. They should be easy to find, and if not, they probably just don’t have them.

Once you’ve located the results, make sure the laboratory is licensed to test hemp products and is independent from the company. If everything checks out, look a little closer at the results for potency, chemical composition and purity. The percentage of different cannabinoids should be just as advertised, and the only ingredients should be cannabinoids. The percentages of these compounds should be high, indicating there are no non-cannabinoid fillers.

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