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Tinctures, or liquid infusions of cannabis compounds, have been a way to consistently and safely medicate for years. But the main reason we love tinctures is how versatile they are. One bottle of Delta-8 hemp can ease a number of ailments in a number of ways! Here are our favorite ways to use tinctures.

Put a drop under your tongue

For a quick fix to whatever you’re dealing with, whether it’s anxiety or body tension, put a drop of the tincture directly under your tongue. It will be absorbed into your bloodstream faster through the lining in the mouth, resulting in more immediate relief than other methods.

Mix it into your favorite dish

It seems too good to be true, but you can actually drop your tincture right into your cookie dough (or whatever you’re making for dinner) and serve up edibles shortly thereafter. You can even put a drop into your coffee or tea for the same chill feeling. The onset of effects is longer with this method, and the effects will last much longer as well. This method also may produce more sedative effects than others.

Apply it topically to soothe

Similar to CBD and THC ointments and creams, tinctures can be applied directly to the skin to soothe tense muscles. You can be a little more liberal with your tincture use during this method—precise dosing isn’t as necessary since little to no psychoactive effects will occur.

TRU Delta 8 hemp tinctures offer the highest concentration of Delta 8 hemp per ML on the market today. They come in glass child-resistant bottles complete with a 1ml dropper, which is metered for a precise dose every time. Check out our delicious strains!


Our 1500 MG Gelato Tinctures offer a balanced, smooth, berry taste for those who want to enjoy the flavor as much as the effects.

Fire OG

TRU Delta 8 Fire OG tinctures are a perfect blend of hemp and sweet flavors. With a heady aroma but reserved in flavor, expect to pick out hints of smoke and sweet herbs.

Super Lemon Haze With everything you would hope the name suggests, our Super Lemon Haze is full-bodied and zesty with hints of citrus and herbal pine and a sweet finish.

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